Laina has been weaving for over 7 years. She served as an appentice to a master weaver for what seemed like forever as she learned the craft. Her weaving is done on counter balance looms, some of which date back as far as the mid 1800s. Part of her training was with wool preparation, so she learned to process it from raw to dyed & spun yarn - some of her leg wraps are made from yarn she prepared herself.

Prior to her weaving, she was making quilts professionally. She is still making them 15 years later.

Tim has been working with wood for many years. He made most of Laina's wool processing and weaving equipment. Now that the quirks are worked out of the patterns he can make them for you too.

Laina's weaving is perfect for all your costuming needs.

Leg Wraps - $45.00
Hood - $50.00
Shirt - $120.00
Being the best dressed Viking at the SCA Event - PRICELESS!

(model: Tim Therrien)

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